Figure Editor: how to change default settings?

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Igor am 7 Mai 2011
R2010a is installed on two computers (in different places). Someway, while same simple command >>fplot('x.^2',[0 1]), Figure Editor runs at different setting -- the 1st computer plot white background for axes, the 2nd -- black one. Of course, I suppuse that default colormaps differ. I need the same snapshots!
How to repair situation?

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Teja Muppirala
Teja Muppirala am 8 Mai 2011
One MATLAB has its colordef as black.
colordef black
fplot('x.^2',[0 1])
colordef white
fplot('x.^2',[0 1])
See the documentation for COLORDEF. I've always liked colordef black though...

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