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varfun applied to table not recognising equal values

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I have 3 tables with two columns of time (intervals of 10minutes) and speed. The time column is in datetime format. I have stacked the three tables on top of each other and assigned valiables a and b to the new time and speed columns, respecivetly.
Then I used:
x=varfun(@mean,TT,'GroupingVariable','Date & Time')
However the function doesn't seem to recognise Dates & Times that are equal so in x, for example, there are say two 31May2010 15:10 rows.
Oddly, After this date/time the same thing happend for every xx:10 and xx:40 time.
How do I fix this?

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 10 Dec 2020
Are you sure the values are equal? They could be displayed as the same value without the stored value being the same.
dt1 = datetime('now')
dt1 = datetime
10-Dec-2020 19:46:58
dt2 = dt1 + seconds(0.001)
dt2 = datetime
10-Dec-2020 19:46:58
dt1 == dt2 % false
ans = logical
dt2 - dt1
ans = duration
ans = 1.0000e-03

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