What are the features of MATLAB fig-format?

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Igor am 29 Apr. 2011
One can store MATLAB Figure (Editor) content as special *.fig (of course, we can export jpg-files and others). But what is fig-format. As I suppose, this is XML-like format, but in binary form. Isn't it? Who knows inner details?

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Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell am 29 Apr. 2011

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Friedrich am 29 Apr. 2011
fig files are binary mat files. This can be obtained when you load a fig file as follows:
a = load('figename.fig','-mat')
If you want to know how an mat file is designed look here:
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Igor am 29 Apr. 2011
That is:
fig-file is a kind of mat-file?
interesting result of this command in command line... I see the WorkSpace. And further -- how can I visualize this structure via command line?

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