How can I dynamically change a value of resistance during SimPowerSystems simulation?

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I'm modelling an uncontrolled three phase rectifier and with the vary the load on the DC bus during simulation but changing the declared variable does not affect the simulation.
I'm using the branch RCL block.
I've tried changing the parameter in the mask to allow it to be tunable but this has not worked, any suggestions?

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Ryan G
Ryan G am 5 Feb. 2013
You want to use the variable resistor from the base Simscape Eletrical library. You can connect this up to your SimPowersystems model using simpowersystems interface elements
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Diarmaid am 6 Feb. 2013
I'm running 2012b but the computer this will eventually be used on will have 2010a or b, so it won't have simscape as part of the simpowersystems pack.
This was what I was thinking of doing, using a controlled current source to create a varaible resistor. I'll give it a go. Thanks!

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