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load a Mat file previously saved by Matlab itself : not a binary MAT-file

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Conrado Neto
Conrado Neto am 5 Sep. 2020
Kommentiert: ali Turan am 31 Mär. 2022
I am using Matlab 2019b on 3 different computers.
on all of them, when I save a MAT-file using Matlab itself and then try to load it, it gives the message:
"Unable to read MAT-file LHS_Samples.mat not a binary MAT-file."
I saved using the command:
to save all the variables in the workspace. The variables in the workspace are only arrays and the largest is a 500x10 matrix.
and then I loaded them using:
I went to General > Preferences > MAT-files
and tried to choose different Versions to see whether it would change anything, but no luck
I also tried saving the MAT-file as version 4 and then 6: save('LHS_Samples','-v4');
sill, the error persists.
Why can't Matlab load a MAT-file that it created itself? This doesn't make any sense.
any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Conrado Neto
Conrado Neto am 5 Sep. 2020
I just figured it out.
In case anyone run into this problem, my problem was that I am using OneDrive and I did not set the option to "Always Keep on this Device" on, for the folder that Matlab was saving the Mat-files
alternativelly, you can deselect the option: "save space and download files as you use them", that is on Settings > Setting Tab > Files On-Demand.
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ali Turan
ali Turan am 31 Mär. 2022
I have same problem but I can't find where "Settings > Setting Tab > Files On-Demand" is.
ali Turan
ali Turan am 31 Mär. 2022
I am sorry. I misunderstood. I supposed "Settings > Setting Tab > Files On-Demand" is on Matlab.

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