How to run two different simulink simulations at the same time?

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Adam s
Adam s am 31 Aug. 2020
Kommentiert: D D am 13 Apr. 2023
This is an example, but how would you run two different simulink files at the same time using parsim and batchsim? I would like to eventually push slighty different simulink simulations to each worker that i already have built.
in1 = Simulink.SimulationInput('ex_sldemo_househeat');
in2 = Simulink.SimulationInput('vdp');
in = in1;
in =[ in1, in2];
out = parsim(in)
ModelName property in the array of SimulationInput objects must be the same and non-empty.

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Rohit Pappu
Rohit Pappu am 3 Sep. 2020
As of now, parsim cannot run models with different names. This issue is already known and the concerned parties may be investigating further.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 12 Apr. 2023
Still the same, at least up to R2022b (I do not have R2023a installed yet)

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