To create animation video using array frames of different size

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I am trying to create a video using a for loop - plot a figure inside loop and save the frames into a movie array.
The issue is that the figure are having different frame size. I am trying different methods to set the figure position (location and size values, but the figure created do not follow the set values.
  • so i need to create video from array of differing frame sizes.
Createing Figure and saving frame to array myMovie
MyMovie has different frames sizes ...
Trying to create vedio but failed due to different frame size

Answers (1)

sushanth govinahallisathyanarayana
You could crop the first 2 down to 934x1672, or resize the frames to a common size, imresize will help. Failing that, you can create separate videos for the size and stitch them together later.




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