Functional Prototype - Matlab + Java

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Evans Harrigan
Evans Harrigan on 17 Aug 2020
In my previous posts, I've stated that Matlab is the primary language used for developing and validating scientific applications. Current procedure is to implement the validated Matlab prototype into Java, which is used in production. However, our leadership now considers this procedure as too costly, complicates achieving production level performance, and lacks agility. We've been asked to assess level of effort and potential risk of developing the most critical modules in Java concurrently with the Matlab "host" code.
  • Does MathWorks have documentation on how this (hybrid) code development procedure can be accomplished
  • Are there exisiting references from other Matlab customers who have successfully executed this approach to production applications development?
Thanks for your support.
Evans Harrigan
RPI-CS, Inc.
Consultant to the Boeing Company

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