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Divide timetable into 1s windows

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Shamus Sim
Shamus Sim am 12 Aug. 2020
Kommentiert: Steven Lord am 13 Aug. 2020
I have a timetable (as attached: TT.mat) and would like to divide my data into 1s windows, where all the data from 0-0.99s is put into a new timetable. Data from 1-1.99s is placed in another timetable and so forth

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 12 Aug. 2020
Rather than creating a whole bunch of small timetable arrays, could you instead use a timerange to select the appropriate subset of the rows of the timetable each time you need one of those "new" timetable arrays?
Or depending on what you want to do with the new arrays, perhaps some combination of retime, rowfun, and/or the various data preprocessing functions that accept timetable arrays (functions like groupsummary, movmean, etc.) would let you perform your operations on the various sections all at once.
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Shamus Sim
Shamus Sim am 13 Aug. 2020
%divide into 1s windows
for i=1:600
S(i)= timerange(seconds(i-1),seconds(i),'closed')
I tried this. The error I get is this.
Array formation and parentheses-style indexing with objects of class 'timerange' is not allowed. Use
objects of class 'timerange' only as scalars or use a cell array.
I have also explored retime, groupsummary. But I dont think it works because Im tryng to find the peak2peak period in my data for each 1 s window instead.
%find period
period=locs(2:end) - locs(1:end-1)
Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 13 Aug. 2020
Something like this?
peakPeriods = zeros(1, 600);
for p = 1:600
T = timerange(seconds(p-1), seconds(p), 'closed');
thisSecond = myTimetable(T, :);
% work on thisSecond
peakPeriods(p) = ... % or if peakPeriods is a matrix use (:, p) or (p, :)

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