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Finding period of EEG (peak2peak)

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Shamus Sim
Shamus Sim am 12 Aug. 2020
Kommentiert: Shamus Sim am 12 Aug. 2020
The dataset im working on is EEG signals. I have a variable tsout which is a timeseries object containing 1x600 timeseries.
The data is arranged so that the each column contains a 1s segment of the total timeseries of length 600s. For instance, col 1 represents 0-1s , col2 represent 1-2s and etc. I would like to find the local maximum in these data.
I used this code:
and obtained this errors
Error using findpeaks
Expected Y to be one of these types:
double, single
Instead its type was timeseries.
Error in findpeaks>parse_inputs (line 199)
Error in findpeaks (line 136)
= parse_inputs(isInMATLAB,Yin,varargin{:});
I would like to successive periods based on the peak2peak time values, for every 1 s of the data adn categorize these T calculated according to their time interval(seconds). For instance Period_1 contains all the successive T from 0-1s and so forth.
I am not sure how to implement this and join it w the code for finding peaks. But was thinking of sth like this.
T{i}=locs(2:end) - locs(1:end-1)
Thank you in advance!

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KSSV am 12 Aug. 2020
load("tsout.mat") ;
data = tsout.MCOS ;
[pks,locs]=findpeaks(data) ;
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Shamus Sim
Shamus Sim am 12 Aug. 2020
Thank you for your feedback.
I have this error shown.
Unrecognized method, property, or field 'MCOS' for class 'timeseries'.
Im not quite sure what MCOS means. Would you mind explaining?

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