Adding time (time stamp) to observations

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desert_scientist90 am 10 Aug. 2020
Bearbeitet: VBBV am 10 Aug. 2020
Hi I have a quesion regarding the creation of a time variable with increments of every 10 seconds ( I am trying to do a time series graph). I have tried with datetime and duration with no luck. The time of the sampling shoulf cover in theory the 161,052 observations. Any help will be appreciated.
D = duration(4,00:00,10) %% I tried this trying to get the increments of a duration period of 4 hours in increments of 10 seconds

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VBBV am 10 Aug. 2020
Bearbeitet: VBBV am 10 Aug. 2020
A = duration(0,00,00);
B = duration(4,00,00);
C = A:seconds(10):B

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