Fitness function increases rather than decreasing with fmincon using hybrid Genetic Algorithm

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Ankur Shah
Ankur Shah on 28 Jul 2020
Commented: Matt J on 29 Jul 2020
While running a hybrid GA with fmincon for minimising the objective function to 0. Once GA stops and fmincon starts. The fitness value in iteration as shown in figure instead of decreasing increases. GA achieves perfect solutions, but with fmincon usage approximate solution is obtained. I am using interior algorithm with central difference in fmincon. Note this code is related to my topic. For standard bencmark problems the process works just fine .

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 28 Jul 2020
This might happen if your objective has discontinuities or non-differentiabilities. Such functions are outside the scope of fmincon.
Matt J
Matt J on 29 Jul 2020
Is there anything which can be done to minimize further
Not if GA has already successfully brought you to the global minimum. If so, then there's no further to go.

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