Differences between "Moist air" and "Gas" library of Simscape

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assuming that I set the gas constant equal to the air constant (in order to adopt air properties in "Gas" library), what are the differences between the "Moist air" and "Gas" library of simscape?
The difference is just only that "Moist air" keep into account also the humidity (while "Gas" no) or are there other differences?
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omkar tulankar
omkar tulankar am 3 Nov. 2020
Hi , is there anyway we can define volatile organic compounds (ex. formaldehyde ) just like gas and moist air to develop a model in simulink?

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Pankaj Chandnani
Pankaj Chandnani am 18 Jun. 2020
Hi Alberto,
I think you are trying to find functional difference between Moist air and Gas library of Simscape. Moist air mixture has additional Trace gas which is an optional third species in addition to dry air and water vapor. The usable components while modelling gas models are Gas mass flow rate, pressure source blocks and in case of moist gas models, it includes moist air mass flow rate, pressure, volumetric flow rate source blocks. For more information, you can refer to the documents of gas systems and moist air systems.
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