Is it possible to access the lines of code from a pre built command

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Ahmed Abdulla
Ahmed Abdulla on 9 Jun 2020
Commented: Steven Lord on 9 Jun 2020
I wanted to ask if it was possible to see what lines of code run when a pre built function or command gets run in matlab.

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Rik on 9 Jun 2020
You mean a builtin Matlab function?
That may be possible, but since it is bound by copyright you can't actually use that knowledge for a lot of purposes. (contact a lawyer if you would like to use that code/knowledge)
Some internal functions are not implemented in the Maltab language, but use compiled C code (or other languages, I don't work for Mathworks, so I don't know what they use internally). In that case it would only be possible to see what the code is doing by decompiling, which is likely either difficult, or illegal, or both.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 9 Jun 2020
That depends. Which function?
As Rik said, some functions are implemented as MATLAB program files. Those you can see.
edit bench.m
Others are implemented as built-in functions, compiled into the executable and/or libraries. If you want to see those your first step is to go here or perhaps to talk to your dedicated sales representative about how much it would cost to see the code under a non-disclosure agreement.

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