Run Matlab FUNCTION at the end of Simulink simulation

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Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora am 30 Mai 2020
Kommentiert: Alberto Mora am 5 Jun. 2020
in a simulink simulation I compute some signals.
At the end of the simulation, when the system reach the steady-state condition, I want to use the final value of such signals to create a custom 3D plot. To do that I already built a Matlab FUNCTION block.
I don't want to run such Matlab FUNCTION block during the simulation because the computational time grows so much, and moreover I am interested only in the final value (steady-state).
How can I run such "Matlab FUNCTION block" only at the end of the simulation?
Thanks and best regards
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Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora am 31 Mai 2020
Hello Madhan,
my idea was to create a custom simulink block (with all the instructions for the plot) and add it to my library.
Therefore I want to have all the instructions inside the custom simulink block. I don't want to have a piece of code in a separate script file.
Do you have suggestion to do that?

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri am 30 Mai 2020
You may use StopFcn callback in your model. Refer the following link for Model callbacks. Expand Model Simulation Callback Parameters in the below documentation for StopFcn.
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Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora am 5 Jun. 2020
At the end I decided to follow partially your suggestion, comparing the time of the simulation (using clock) and a time defined by the user that set like few ms before the end of the simulation.
It is a pity that does not exist a in matlab way to call a matlab function exacly at the end of the simulation... But it's ok, I solve the problem so does not matter.
Thank for the help and best regards.

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