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Obtain specific dimension from multidimensional Arrays

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Ali Tawfik
Ali Tawfik am 12 Mai 2020
Geschlossen: MATLAB Answer Bot am 20 Aug. 2021
Hi All,
I am trying to create a new variables based on multidimensional array obtained, for the simplicity I just got the part of the code, I wanna do.
I just want to obtained only the dimension with different values :
For example: s(:,:,1), s(:,:,3), s(:,:,5).. the point is sometimes these values change so I would like to do it with a for a loop or whatever so whatever the dimension number .. I just want the new values with only the different numbers!!
Any help!!
clear all;
for i=1:2

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James Tursa
James Tursa am 12 Mai 2020
Not really sure what you are asking, but if you only want to pick off some indexes from an arbitrary dimension, simply supply them as a range or vector of indexes. E.g.,
s_new = s(:,:,1:2)
s_new = s(:,:,[1 2])
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Ali Tawfik
Ali Tawfik am 12 Mai 2020
Thanks for your prompt reply.
But I am talking if I would do this automatically ?
I mean If i have an arbitrary dimension, so can not I just pick ooff the indexes which have different number ?

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