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Calculate centroid and length of a rectangular shape

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Ali Tawfik
Ali Tawfik am 20 Apr. 2020
Kommentiert: Rik am 22 Apr. 2020
I would like to obtain the distance with respect to the centriod (both distances 97.2 and 152.78) as shown in the figure. The centroid already obtained by the following commands (255.55) but I would like then to calculate the distance 247.22-(100+50)= 97.2
and for the bottom equal to (300+100)-255.55=152.78
So I would like my output to be =[97.2 247.22 152.78]
I would like to have a commands which works for different number, hope you get the idea nd could help me
function [Ybar]=y_bar_calculations(l)
l=[50 200 300];
for i=1:length(l)
if i==1
Ybar_Pre(i)= l(i)/2;
Ybar_Pre(i) = sum(l(1:i-1)) + l(i)/2;
Ybar(1:length(l),1)= Ybar_Pre(length(l):-1:1);
% OUTPUT SHOULD BE [97.2 247.22 152.78]
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darova am 22 Apr. 2020
Rik ? Can you please help?
Rik am 22 Apr. 2020
The origin is not a number, it is a position.
Now define your inputs explicitly: mark points with letters and list all letter-to-letter distance you know as input. Then point out what you need as output, putting additional letters if needed.
Now that you have your geometric problem defined you can start writing the algebra: which values do you need subtract from which other value?
Only then can you write it as a function.

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