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How to find the difference in Amplitude peaks and Phase delays in two up Chirp signals

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Sunil Kumar Giri
Sunil Kumar Giri on 1 Apr 2020
Edited: Sunil Kumar Giri on 1 Apr 2020
Hi All,
Chirp Signal: A chirp is a signal in which the frequency increases (up-chirp) or decreases (down-chirp) with time.
I am trying to compare two up Chirp signals (both with decreasing amplitude over time) out of which one signal is a bit delayed in time wrt first one. We have to find the difference between all the Amplitude peaks of the two signals over the full time scale and Phase delay between the two signals at all the zero crossings. I am attaching herewith a figure demonstrating the problem statement for the sake of clarity. Any leads regarding this will be appreciated.
PS: I don't have DSP Toolbox attached to my MATLAB License. So we can't use MATLAB's in built functions such as xcorr and envelope
Thanking You in Anticipation.


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