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Why is GUIDE so much faster than App Designer? Can you help me speed up my App Designer app?

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I have noticed that App Designer apps can feel a little sluggish, so today I decided to make an apples-to-apples test between a GUIDE app and an App Designer app that do the same thing. The files (gaussian_wander.m and .fig for GUIDE, .mlapp for App Designer) are attached -- the program here just has a 2d Gaussian wandering/jittering around on the screen.
On my computer, with nothing other than MATLAB running on the machine, the GUIDE version averages ~54% per image of the App Designer version... or GUIDE is 1.85x faster.
This may be a consequence of how graphics are handled with App Designer, or some other issue, but I'd be eager to learn about whether there are "best practices" I could be using to speed up the App Designer version?

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Chadwick Gipson
Chadwick Gipson am 28 Jul. 2020
I have the same issue. It is even more prevalent when you have a slider or other user interaction. Following to see if there are any responses.
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David Aronstein
David Aronstein am 29 Jul. 2020
Thank you, Chadwick. I have also found that the speed difference is 2x worse for MATLAB 2020a than for earlier versions. Not trending in a promising direction!

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