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Matlab equivalent for Octave command bitunpack

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KAE am 19 Feb. 2020
Geschlossen: KAE am 19 Feb. 2020
I have an Octave program that I would like to turn into Matlab code. The sticking point is the Octave bitunpack command, which returns a logical array y corresponding to the raw bit patterns of x. Is there a Matlab equivalent? Here are the lines of code that it appears in.
Alternatively, can I just run the Octave program from Matlab if I install Octave?
n=10; % Example value
% Logical rep
m = uint32 (0:2^n-1); % This is just 0,1,2,...1023
% Return a logical array Y corresponding to the raw bit patterns of X
if (bitunpack (uint16 (1))(1) == 0)
m = swapbytes (m); % Swaps byte ordering from little endian to big endian or vice versa
b = reshape (bitunpack (m), 32, 2^n)(1:n,:); % Not sure what this is doing
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KAE am 19 Feb. 2020
Just found out that powerset doesn't work for the large number of elements I was planning to use, so I will close out this question.

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