How to input a function into a function?

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Cantor Set
Cantor Set on 15 Feb 2020
Commented: michio on 15 Feb 2020
I wrote a matlab function fun1 and fun2
and when I included them as inputs in third function fun3 that I wrote, it gives an error - not enough input arguments.

Answers (1)

michio on 15 Feb 2020
Edited: michio on 15 Feb 2020
Have you tried using funtion handles? You can use them as inputs instead of directly using function names.
michio on 15 Feb 2020
Hm, I apologize that I haven’t given you a suitable example that suita your case, but those functions (fun1-fun3 above) can be defined as separate m-files or as subfunctions, or as nested functions. There should be a way to make it work :)
Could you give me more detailed info? Such as sample code or.. anything that explains your situation.

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