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How to display result from solve ?

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Ole on 4 Feb 2020
Commented: Ole on 4 Feb 2020
How to display the result form solve ?
x = @(y)(y^2-4); eqn =@(y) x(y)==0; syms y; S = vpasolve(eqn(y),y)
Xr2 = [' R2 = ',num2str(S(2),16)];
Error using num2str (line 53)
Input to num2str must be numeric.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 4 Feb 2020
iwant = double(S)
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Ole on 4 Feb 2020
char(S(2)) also works

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fred  ssemwogerere
fred ssemwogerere on 4 Feb 2020
what are you trying to do here?
Xr2 = [' R2 = ',num2str(S(2),16)];
This should do nicely:
Xr2 = [' R2 = ',int2str(S(2))];


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