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Surface Integral of a curved surface of a cylinder without top and bottom surface

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Hi I am trying to check if my handwritten results are correct using matlab.
The problem was to calculate a surface integral of a cylinder's main area without top and bottom, which is lying exactly on the origin with the hight of 0<=z<=8 and the radius r=6, vectorfield is F= x: (z+1), y: (2x), z: (x^3-3(y^2)*z
I get an answer of 528
Now I want to learn how to compute it using matlab to check my result, can anyone help me? I am a matlab beginner, it would be great if someone can guide me through the code.

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Kavya Vuriti
Kavya Vuriti am 19 Feb. 2020
You can solve double integrals using integral2 function. Here is the documentation link for integral2 function.
Hope this helps you in getting started.




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