Creating all possible combination of 0 and 1 in 2D array

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Let the size of 2D matrix is m (n rows, m cols).
How can I create all possible combinations of 0 and 1 in this matrix?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 24 Dec 2019
% Example choice of m and n
n = 2;
m = 3;
allCombos = reshape(dec2bin(0:2^(n*m)-1)-'0',n,m,[]);
allCombos is a 3-dimensional m*n*X array, where each slice in the 3rd dimension is one of the possible matrices.
Note that if m and n get large, you will quickly run out of memory. Combinatorics is a cruel mistress.
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Luqman Saleem
Luqman Saleem on 25 Dec 2019
Hey, thank you for your answer. It gives all combinations indeed. But I don't need repeating configration, for examples, in above example there are 6 configrations that are all zero. How can I get only unique configrations?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 25 Dec 2019
Did you mean you just want each possible unique row, rather than each possible unique matrix?
justRows = dec2bin(0:2^m-1)-'0'
where m is the number of columns.
If you mean something else, please give more info, because I can't think of any other interpretation of what you mean.

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