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How to make a hybrid model (LSTM and Ensemble) in MATLAB

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Elanchezhian Arulmozhi
Elanchezhian Arulmozhi am 20 Dez. 2019
Beantwortet: Greg Heath am 1 Jan. 2020
I am working on C02 prediction in matlab. My data set is 3787 (Including test and validation set). I am trying to predict the CO2 with a Standard Deviation of 179.60. My number of predictor is 15 and response is 1. Within that predictors I have two types of datasets (1. Sequential number data such as temperature and humidity, 2. Conditions i.e yes/no ). So that I have decided to use two types of networks to train my model.
1) LSTM - For the sequential data
2) Ensemble or SVM - for the yes/no data
3) Combine two models and predict the response variable.
How to achieve this? Can anyone help me to achieve this?

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath am 1 Jan. 2020
Replace your YES/NO data with either 1/0 or 1/-1.
Hope this helps.

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