How to generate the custom help box for a custom function (More Help...)

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Hi everyone,
I recently dealt with proper help for my custom functions.
I found out that there are 4 points one can handle:
  1. doc myfun: Will show file help or if available the html help (
  2. writing your function, then typing in the opening bracket and waiting. A small box will appear showing input parameters
  3. help myfun: Will display the comments at the top of the function (
  4. tab completion with functionSignatures.json ( and also
For 2.: Where can I find how to do this? For custom functions, only the input parameters are shown. But for Matlab Built-Ins, all available syntaxes are shown. They sometimes even differ from the "syntax" part in the html help, see movmean function help and the "bracket opening"-help for the info on datetime object, see picture below.
Are there even other "standard" help functionalities besides the four above?
Thanks for some advice.

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Sahithi Kanumarlapudi
Sahithi Kanumarlapudi on 18 Dec 2019
You can refer to a similar question here
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breathi on 18 Dec 2019
Edited: breathi on 18 Dec 2019
Hi there,
this question you linked does not seem to be answered at all. From what I understood, this refers to point 4 I mentioned and is only referring to live scripts, not the command window? See Jan's comment.

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Ran on 5 Jan 2020
I encountered the same issue.
Is there a solution (for the normal editor, not the live-script editor) ?
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Jan Kappen
Jan Kappen on 13 May 2020
I bet the normal editor shall be replaced soon, no updates were made a long time and all efforts were spent to the javascript/online interface.

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Andrii Zelenko
Andrii Zelenko on 10 Jul 2021
You basically just add comments at the begining of your custom funciton and aafter typing
help your_custom_function
comments will poped up




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