How to read data in thingspeak using rest client?

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Mthunzi Booi
Mthunzi Booi am 5 Dez. 2019
Kommentiert: Rossell Techsys am 25 Feb. 2020
Hi Team
I have this new URL and want to read all my fields channels, i have created today. My arduino does receieves messages currently, but i am unable to read non of them. What could the reason? Must it be a day to get data to be read? Output is -1 Rest Client response bad request.
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Håkon Dahle
Håkon Dahle am 10 Dez. 2019
Your URL looks good, but you need to set your channel to be public by selecting "Share channel view with everyone" under Channels -> My Channels -> Charing.
Or you can leave your channel private and do as Hans suggests below.

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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler am 5 Dez. 2019
Hi. You are close. You also need to provide a Read API Key.
Look under the API Keys tab of your channel.
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Rossell Techsys
Rossell Techsys am 25 Feb. 2020
using above solution i am getting only todays data only.
Please help me how to fetch day one to till date data using xml api

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