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Get figure handle from different mfile and plot in GUI

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Nick am 28 Sep. 2012
I am tasked to design a GUI and I need to use variables and plots from a different mfile which I created earlier. I'm pretty confident about getting variables from the processing mfile but I'm not sure how to get the plots/figures.
So basically my question is whether I can get() a figure from my mfile and then set() an axes to that figure inside my GUI.
Note: The reason I am doing this is because I want to keep the processing of data separate from the GUI mfile. I could just dump all the processing in the callback of my process button but that's not what i want. I would also appreciate good coding practices for my case since I have never worked with GUI's before (only scripting with PHP and MATLAB)
Note2 (rundown of what has to be done): In the GUI we basically are supposed to load 2 files, we then press the "process" button and then 4 plots have to appear. All the processing code already exists in a previously written mfile (by me).
Thanks! :) ============================================ EDIT:
So i managed to get this working by passing each plot to a variable using p=plot() and then passing that variable to my handle.
However, in my callback function, I am not sure how to set those axes to the right objects. I tried a lot of different things and they always end up in the wrong places or with just don't appear at all.. Current setup:
input.fullpath_wind = get(handles.edit_wind, 'String');
input.fullpath_gps = get(handles.edit_gps, 'String');
run opgave3
How would I add another axes?

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub am 28 Sep. 2012
You should have a read through the FAQ, especially FAQ:5.16
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Nick am 28 Sep. 2012
thank you captain hindsight. I already figured it out on my own. I didn't know I could pass plots as objects as well. I just did p=plot() and put that in my handle and that worked

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