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Some errors when i connect to beaglebone black

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Zhengqi Zhou
Zhengqi Zhou on 20 Nov 2019
Here is some errors happened when i try to create object for my beaglebone on MATLAB.
My beaglebone is in Debian GNU/Linux 9 with Debian Image 2019-08-03.
>> bbb = beaglebone
Warning: Cannot determine version number of the board.
> In beaglebone/getBoardRevision (line 1693)
In beaglebone (line 276)
Warning: Cannot read the board serial number.
> In beaglebone/getBoardSerialNumber (line 1704)
In beaglebone (line 278)
Index exceeds the number of array elements (0).
Error in beaglebone/getLEDConfiguration (line 1391)
trigger = ret{1};
Error in beaglebone/getAvailablePeripherals (line 1563)
obj.LED.(id).Trigger = obj.getLEDConfiguration(name);
Error in beaglebone (line 289)
obj = getAvailablePeripherals(obj);
Any advice or help will be highly appreciated!

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