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Replacing the last value after consecutive Nan

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John Doe
John Doe am 13 Nov. 2019
Kommentiert: John Doe am 13 Nov. 2019
Hello everyone,
I would like to know how to replace a stand alone value that's greater than zero and follows a row of Nans. I would eventually replace that value with a 0.
For example, A = [ 0 0 0 Nan Nan Nan 1.2 0 0 Nan Nan 2.3 1 2 5], as you can see in A the value that I would want to replace by 0 is 1.2, I would like it to A = [ 0 0 0 Nan Nan Nan 0 0 0 Nan Nan 2.3 1 2 5]. I'm not sure how to approach this. Do I try to find the indices of the non nan values? and if I do that what would be next.
Help would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance!
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M am 13 Nov. 2019
Do you want to replace the value after 3 consecutive NaN or after any NaN values ?
In any case, you can start by looking at the isnan function.
John Doe
John Doe am 13 Nov. 2019
No, since it isn't a stand alone value, I want to keep it as it is along with the values that follow it. By stand alone I mean the only value that's greater than zero, following a Nan

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Stijn Haenen
Stijn Haenen am 13 Nov. 2019
Try this:
for i=2:numel(A)
if isnan(A(i-1))&&A(i)>0

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