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How do I draw an antenna pattern 2D and 3D figure with this data?

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If you are interested in this question, you can download the data.
I am a student majoring in computer engineering,so I don't fully understand the meaning of this data.
But I beleive that with these data, I can draw a similar 3D and 2D antenna pattern for my paper.
I have tries the functions in Antenna Toolbox, but the input of these functions are different from mydata.
Here is a screen shot of the data, there are 5 colomns
I hope I can get a similar figure like the following one.
Thanks in advance!

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Cyrus Tirband
Cyrus Tirband am 31 Okt. 2019
You have insufficient data to plot a 3D Figure, as it would require a measurement for every observation angle (combination of azimuth and polar angle). It seems like you have the data of all angles θ for a given ϕ, and all angles ϕ for a given θ, but not every combination (this would require a very long measurement and special equipmentto do, and is not very practical).
However, a 2d polar plot is possible, but simply using polarplot.
You will have to unwrap your phase a bit, since it ranges from -90 to 90 and goes back, but it should go from -180 to 180 or 0 to 360;
Once done, you'll get the plot below, using your data from the last two columns (phi vs S21). You can change the axis, ticks, and all the other things to your liking. In fact, it looks almost identical to the picture you already posted, but mirrored, did you already use the data to plot the picture?:
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HONG CHENG am 1 Nov. 2019
Thanks for your kind consideration!
The figures in the excel are not created by myself. and I use the following codes just have this figure without the "unwrap phase" that you mentioned.
I used the
of Antenna Toolbox and got this
after I change the phase from the orignal one to 0~360, I got the similar one image
What's more, when the phase is from -180 to 180, the figure is totally same

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Shashwat Bajpai
Shashwat Bajpai am 11 Jun. 2021
You can also use Antenna Toolbox where you don't need to calculate/collect all of the data. You'll just need to provide the type of antenna and the design frequency and it'll help you design, analyze and calculate all the parameters as per your requirement.
Hope this helps!


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