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Have I used polyfit/polyval correctly

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jacob Mitch
jacob Mitch on 28 Oct 2019
I am just trying to get used to the polyfit and polyval function.
My question says to use the polyfit and polyval functions to approximate price for N=1 N=5 N=10 and plot the approximation
I have my data file as a 15x5 double with prices being the 5th column day being the first column. I have written.
day = Data(:,1)); %first column of days
price =Data(:,5) ; %data we want to approximate
T = table(day, price); %create a table for easier computation
for i=[1 5 10] %N values
[p,~,mu] = polyfit(, T.price, i);
f = polyval(p,day,[],mu);
plot(day,price) %plot of prices
hold on
plot(day,f) %approximation plot
Im just wondering if I am correct in how I have done that. the approximations seem in line with the graph but I cant see were I've approximated price


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