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CV capabilities of Parrot Mambo

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Huzeyfe KILIÇ
Huzeyfe KILIÇ on 28 Oct 2019
I would like to make a computer vision application that will be using parrot mambo s downfacing camera.
I have few question regarding this subject
1-Is it possible to use embedded coder to deploy algoritms that uses Opencv liraries?(code will be written either in C++ or Python. Accessing library via matlab is also acceptable)
2-Why the downfacing camera is limited to 160x120 pixels? Is it possible to increase this resolutiion?
3-What is the maximum frame rate for down facing camera? Why CV example included in support package fixes refresh rate to 5Hz? Is it possible to change this rate?
4-How can i see the run time of my CV algoritm when running in the drone?
Tyhank you

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