problem in dealing Cell and array

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I have a cell name 'k'
Each cell of 'k' contains two dimensional array with row size 'r' and column size 'q' (r*q)
I want to make a matrix whose size is (row, column)=(k*q) in which each element is a sum of elemnts of the column vector of each array in cell 'k'
I have attached the picture related to this problem for clear understanding of the problem
I there any simple solution for doing this using cellfun command

Accepted Answer

Stephan on 20 Oct 2019
% produce some data to play with
r = 3;
q = 4;
k(1:5) = {rand(r,q)}; % size of k = 1 x 5
% This should do what you expect:
k = reshape(cell2mat(cellfun(@sum,k,'UniformOutput',false)),size(k,2),[])

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