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how to do NSGA II optimization for this objective function

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sampath kumar punna
sampath kumar punna am 19 Okt. 2019
Hi, can anyone help me out in optimising my solutions through NSGA II optimisation.
If you go to this link and download the files it has the example for NSGA II optimisation
It has many MATLAB files in it but couldn’t understand what’s happening in the code because I don’t have much knowledge in coding.
I know the process how to do NSGA II for the obtained solution on a paper, but don’t have much how to do in mat lab using the code.
If these are the results after solving the equation
NO. duration resources
1. 58 53
2. 93 74
3. 32 40
4. 67 61
5. 79 45
6. 114 66
7. 53 32
8. 88 53
9. 40 44
10. 75 65
11. 14 31
12. 49 52
13. 61 36
14. 96 57
15. 35 23
16. 70 44
These are the set of answers obtained for I have to optimise in NSGA II to get the best out of them, the concept was for 1000 number of solution for time being I just wrote 16 solutions.
If anyone could help me out with this, like where to assign these values in the NSGA II code for optimisation I can do it for my code.
If my thinking is wrong about NSGA II optimisation please let me know the correct format.
I’m sharing the code for it so that it is easy for understanding
char T
T= randi(45 ,4)
A= [T(:,1) T(:,2)]
m = size(A,1);
b = dec2bin(0:2^m-1,m)-'0';
C = A((1:m)+m*b).'
Re= sum(C)
% R= resources
R = Re.'
S= randi(28 ,4)
E= [S(:,1) S(:,2)]
m = size(A,1);
b = dec2bin(0:2^m-1,m)-'0';
F = S((1:m)+m*b).'
Du= sum(F)
% D= duration
D= Du.'
% set of solutions for Population Initialization.
solution = [R D]

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