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Export mapping toolbox-figure to epslatex

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Anna S
Anna S on 17 Oct 2019
Commented: Anna S on 8 Jan 2020
I want to include my figures into latex. If I only use png or eps format, the textsize scales with the picturesize, which is very ugly, since sometimes I need different sizes.
From gnuplot I know that it is possible to import a figure as eps and get the labels and axes as latex code (I think it was as tikzpicture format).
I searched this feature also for matlab and found
print -depslatex which is not working at my version (R2016b)
fig2texPS() which is seems to work only until R2014 and also only for 'normal' cartesian axes
matlab2tikz() which gives a lot of errormessages in latex when I compile with non-cartesian coordinates, so I believe that it is not converted correctly
Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks in advance


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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 8 Jan 2020
Hi, Anna you can directly print your figure to true vector eps format using -painters renderer. You can directly include the EPS in the LaTeX. Refer the demo code below.
roads = shaperead('concord_roads.shp');
xlabel('easting in meters')
ylabel('northing in meters')
Hope this helps!

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Anna S
Anna S on 8 Jan 2020
Thank you! I tried your code, and yes, I get an eps file which I can use for latex. But what I want is something like:
picture as eps and labels as latex format, so that I can change fontsizes etc later on.
The problem in latex occurs, when I change the picture size. Smaller pictures also get smaller labels, which are unreadable when I want to put two pictures next to each other:
and this looks really unprofessional ;)

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