Plotting prices as a function of time

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jacob Mitch
jacob Mitch on 14 Oct 2019
Im trying to understand data from a data file. If I have
d∆t(t) = x(t + ∆t) − x(t) , where ∆t is the trading days difference and x is price
If I assign t as
numberofdays=10; %and use 1 to number of days as a time axis
t=1:lenghth(numberofdays) %where number of days is the are the number of trading days in the data
x=[5;4;3;4;5;6;7;8;5;3]; %prices
. For each ∆t I should get a new time seriesd ∆t that is of length numberofdays−∆t, How would I plot d1(t) and d2(t) as a function of time.

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