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Why there is a mis-match when I do the summation of the elements of the vector in simulink function and workspace editor block??

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I am performing the summaton of the elements of a vector in workspace and do the same in simulink function block but in workspace I am getting the correct result while in simulink function block i am getting the different result. Can any one guide me on this? I am using Matlab R019a

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Dinesh Yadav
Dinesh Yadav on 3 Oct 2019
When importing data into Simulink using From Workspace block the first column always represents time. So lets say we imported an array from workspace of dimension 1x100, it will take the 1st column as time and rest 99 columns as input. Therefore the answer of summation of all values will not be correct. To correct this while importing into Simulink add the first column value as 0 which signifies, provide input data to Simulink at t=0. If we put first column value as lets say 4, then the output of summation will be observed at t=4.
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Sandeep Nayak
Sandeep Nayak on 5 Oct 2019
matlab function.png
I defined this function in editor block and when I run it in workspace I am getting the correct result but in simulink when I call it I am getting different result. Thank you sir for your reply please guide me in this regards

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