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Figure color become black in latex

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Moslem Uddin
Moslem Uddin am 3 Sep. 2019
Kommentiert: Moslem Uddin am 3 Sep. 2019
I am using the the following code to save figure to a certain folder in my pc in eps format(compatible with LaTex).But, instead of color figure , it becomes black. Also figure size changed. What to do?
clear all
syms y
t=[0 pi/8 pi/4 3*pi/8 pi/2 5*pi/8 3*pi/4 7*pi/8 pi];
for i=1:length(t)
fplot(u_ts,y);hold on;
saveas(gcf,'C:\Users\MUSLEM UDDIN\Pictures\figure_na.eps');

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 3 Sep. 2019
Specify the formattype input argument in your call to saveas. Looking at the table for Vector Graphics Formats options on the saveas documentation page I think you want 'epsc' or 'epsc2'. Without that input argument, saveas sees the extension .eps on your filename and saves it in EPS Level 3 Black and White format.
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Moslem Uddin
Moslem Uddin am 3 Sep. 2019
Neither epsc nor epsc2 are supported in my tex editor(Texstudio/Overleaf). Is there any other solution?

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