extract specific values in a matrix

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mehra am 28 Aug. 2019
Kommentiert: the cyclist am 28 Aug. 2019
I have a 104*14 matrix and I need to get some of the values in column 10 of this matrix which corresponds to values in first column that equal to 0.03.
How can I write that in matlab?

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the cyclist
the cyclist am 28 Aug. 2019
Bearbeitet: the cyclist am 28 Aug. 2019
If A is your matrix:
You might need to be careful about getting an exact match with the floating-point value 0.03, and use some kind of tolerance instead.
For example:
A(find(A(:,10)>(0.03-1.e-9) & A(:,10)<(0.03+1.e-9),1),10);
Take a look at this documentation for eps (floating point relative accuracy) if you need to be more precise.
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the cyclist
the cyclist am 28 Aug. 2019
Oh, sorry, I misread! I thought you needed the first value in column 10, rather than using the value from the first column. Glad to have helped despite my error.

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