Fixing a plotting problem over a fixed axes

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Hans123 on 19 Aug 2019
Answered: darova on 19 Aug 2019
I want the below spirals to be evenly spaced (in both x and y axes). I am hoping distance between the rows and columns of the helical spirals to be the same, while each center will lie on the same line. I am not sure how to use MATLAB to calculate that for me. The radius of the helical spirals will change and I think there is way to use MATLAB to evenly space them out rather than manually calculating the distance of them.
The axes will always be constrained from -255 to 255, so only radius stays the same.
I pasted the code and what the spirals look from the xy axes
I am hoping the spacing between each row would be constant so that the spirals lie on the same line
clc; clear; close all
% prompt1 = 'Radius: ';
% radius = input(prompt1);
% prompt2 = 'Layer Height: ';
% height = input(prompt2);
height = 250;
% prompt3 = 'Number of Layers: ';
% numlayer = input(prompt3);
spirals = (1:10:61);
num = 1:1:7;
for columns=1:4
for rows = 1:length(spirals)
center = -250 + (spirals(rows))*num(rows); % this was calculated to work only for this radius
indent =255 - (columns*30);
r = spirals(rows);
y=r*sin(t)+ indent;
hold on
xlim([-255 255])
ylim([-255 255])
zlim([1 255])
grid on
xlabel('\it Increasing Radius \rightarrow')
ylabel('\it Increasing Layer Height \leftarrow')
Hans123 on 19 Aug 2019
the radius for the spirals being picked will adhere to the limit. My problem is getting rid of the overlap of the spirals. Please let me know how I could do it.

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Accepted Answer

darova on 19 Aug 2019
See attached file
dy = max(spirals);
indent = linspace(-255+dy, 255-dy,4);
y=r*sin(t)+ indent(columns);
FOr thicker line use:

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