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Camera Calibration Toolbox Principle Point

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Nick am 23 Jul. 2019
Beantwortet: Nick am 23 Jul. 2019
I want to doublecheck two things regarding the principal point determined from the Matlab Camera Calibration App:
-The reference is a pixel's center point
-The upper left pixel of the image is the origin
The app seems to use Bouget's toolbox where he describes both of the above in the description but it is unclear from the camera calibration documentation. See "Important Convention" here:
I am asking because I am using a software that asks for these values but doesn't allow the upper left corner to be the image. Since I know the total number of pixels I can easily calculate the revised principal point but wanted to be sure of the definition.
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Matt J
Matt J am 23 Jul. 2019
What is "the reference"? Is that synonymous with "the image origin"?

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Nick am 23 Jul. 2019
Matt - Yes I meant the image origin. This would be in contrast to a corner of the pixel as the origin.


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