Real Time Data Store in Inf Array

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Can Burak Kavuncuoglu
Can Burak Kavuncuoglu on 17 Jul 2019
Answered: David K. on 17 Jul 2019
I have MPU6050 sensor. I had codes and I store in a 1x1 double array. But now I wanna filter it but I cant do it for real time. Because my filter needs at least 3 sample for filtering. And you know, in real time you need filter all datas 1 by 1.
After all I need to store my datas in zeros array. How can store real time "Acc_Mag" datas in "accmag = zeros (1,10000);" array?
Can Burak Kavuncuoglu
Can Burak Kavuncuoglu on 17 Jul 2019
Can you explain it with function, please? I have same idea but its just a idea. I tried to do it but still i have same error.
Error using filtfilt>getCoeffsAndInitialConditions (line 182)
Data length must be larger than 3 samples.

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Answers (1)

David K.
David K. on 17 Jul 2019
If I understand correctly what you want and a guess at how you are formatting it.
Pointer = 1;
window = sizeFilter % However big you want the filter
while (running)
data = newData; % new 1x1 double
window(Pointer) = data;
% if order matters for your filter you can also use the pointer as indication for that
filteredData = filter(window);
Pointer = Pointer+1;
% Loop pointer
if Pointer >window
Pointer = 1;
Unless all you want to do is save the initial data. Then that is simply
accmag = zeros(1,10000);
Pointer = 1;
data = newData;
accmag(Pointer) = data;
Pointer = Pointer + 1;

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