Error setting up target for Odroid XU4

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Andrew Poissant
Andrew Poissant on 15 Jul 2019
Commented: anuj maheshwari on 12 May 2021
I am following the video examples on custome target development for ARM Cortex A ( I follow the steps provided in the first two video tutorials but for the Odroid XU4. However, when I go to test the deployment through the, the deploy test fails. When checking the test results log, matlab provides the errors seen below. Why am I getting these errors?
Error occurred in matlabshared.targetsdk.verify.Deployer/checkBuildDownload and it did not run to completion.
Error ID:
Error Details:
Error using
The following error occurred during deployment to your hardware board:
Could not find the MATLAB preferences for the hardware "Odroid XU4 v1". Create the preferences
group "Hardware_Connectivity_Installer_Odroid_XU4_v1" with the preferences "DefaultIpAddress",
"DefaultUserName", "DefaultPasswordPref" and "DefaultBuildDirPref, and set their values to match
your hardware.
Error in
Error in
buildHooksAfterMakeFcn = @()coder.coverage.BuildHook...
Error in coder.internal.compileStage
compileResult = coder.internal.compileStage...
[buildResult, mainObjFolder] = buildProcedure...
[buildResult, mainObjFolder] = obj.make_rtw(varargin);
[buildResult, mainObjFolder] = h.make_rtw(buildArgs, varargin{:});
Error in build_target
Error in build_target
Error in build_standalone_rtw_target
Error in slbuild_private
Error in slbuild_private
sl('slbuild_private', mdl, target, varargin{2:end});
slbuild(sys, 'StandaloneCoderTarget', ...
Error in matlabshared.targetsdk.verify.Deployer/checkBuildDownload
tgt = createTarget('Odroid XU4 Target v1', 'ARM Cortex-A', 'C:/myOdroidtarget');
%% Specify Hardware Board
% hw2 = createHardware('Odroid XU4 v1');
hw2.DeviceID = 'ARM Cortex-A15';
map(tgt, hw2, 'Odroid XU4 v1');
io = addNewEthernetInterface(hw2, 'My Ethernet Interface');
io.IPAddress = '';
%% Deploy
dep = addNewDeployer(tgt, 'New Deployer');
toolchain = dep.addNewToolchain('Linaro Toolchain v4.8');
buildConfiguration = toolchain.addNewBuildConfiguration('Build Configuration');
buildConfiguration.Defines = 'ARM_PROJECT';
buildConfiguration.IncludePaths = '$(ARM_CORTEX_A_ROOT_DIR)/include';
dep.Tokens{1} = struct('Name', 'ARM_CORTEX_A_ROOT_DIR', 'Value', 'codertarget.arm_cortex_a.internal.getSpPkgRootDir');
loader = dep.addNewLoader('My Loader');
loader.LoadCommand = 'matlab:codertarget.arm_cortex_a.internal.loadAndRun';
map(tgt, hw2, dep);
testTarget(tgt, 'deployer')
anuj maheshwari
anuj maheshwari on 12 May 2021
@Mirsad Bucak Did you figure it out? I am facing the same issue.

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