Integrating Custom API With OpenFOAM API

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Ephraim Bryski
Ephraim Bryski on 13 Jul 2019
Edited: Ephraim Bryski on 13 Jul 2019
Hi all. I asked a question about an idea I had on Physics Forums. I notice that multiple people are viewing it, but so far no one has responded. I understand that Physics Forums discourages people from writing about personal theories (that's actually why I like it -- I want to know that what I'm reading is valid), but I really do need to know if my idea makes sense. I'm not going to redescribe it here or copy and paste what I wrote, but this is a link to it. I try to describe everything which I already did or am planning on doing so that it's clear but not too long (it's already very long so I imagine people will skim it -- I used lists within lists at one point to try to make it easier to find what you need). Since this is a MATLAB forum, I don't expect people to talk about the phsyics behind it; I'm also not as concerned about that (I imagine if there's a misconception about the physics, I could correct it relatively easy). What I really want to know is if my understanding of how to use APIs is valid. If anyone could answer if what I'm doing makes sense, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
(You'll also notice that I conclude something in the second post about my API which I didn't in the first. This is because Physics Forums prevents you from editing your post after a while, and I later realized I could do more with it so I had to create another post).

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