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Ephraim Bryski
Ephraim Bryski am 7 Jul. 2019
Kommentiert: Ephraim Bryski am 8 Jul. 2019
Hi all. I'm working on code to help me analyze data for research. A lot of the code is specific to the project I'm working on, but the more general functionalitites include:
  1. Can automatically save MATLAB variables into chosen directory. For my project, the code could take readings from pressure gauges and create and save a matrix for the forces on the object.
  2. Can automatically save graphs and upload them or modify them on PowerPoint.
  3. Can automatically create graphs which relate multiple parameters. The graph title, labels, legends, and file name are generated automatically.
This was just meant to make analyzing data more efficient for me. I'm wondering now if it would be useful to implement this into a more user-friendly environment which could perhaps be used for more general purpose, probably as a GUI. User options might include:
  1. Set physical constant which are often used when analyzing the data (e.g. physical dimensions, constants like g and density).
  2. Decide if you want to save variables, save figures, or modify the PowerPoint.
  3. State the directory in which everything (MATLAB variables, raw data, figures, PowerPoint) is stored, and the different folders in which you want to put them in.
  4. Some other things like changing the font for graphs.
  5. You would of course need to write your own code for creating useful MATLAB variables from the raw data and graphs specific to your project.
I'm curious if something like thas has been done before, and if not, if it could potentially be useful. Thanks!
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Ephraim Bryski
Ephraim Bryski am 8 Jul. 2019
I created the GUI now, but I'm still curious if it's useful.

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