How to create custom error model in Simbiology

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Hello. I am doing population pharmacokinetic analysis using Simbiology. There are 4 types of error model available in Simbiology. Constant (y = f+a*e), exponential (y = exp(a*e)), combined (y = f + (a+b*f)*e) and proporttional (y = f+b*f*e).
Suppose i want to create new error model say
y = f * (1+a)+b
How will I be able to achieve it.

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 1 Jul 2019
Hi Praveen,
the error model you suggested looks like a combined error model. But from your equation I don't see whether you expect one or two normally distributed random variable(s). How does the error term look like?
If it is (a+b*|f|)*e, then it's exactly SimBiology's combined error model.
If it is (a*e1 + b*|f|*e2), then unfortunately it can't be implemented in SimBiology as SimBiology does not support custom error models as of release R2019a.
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Praveen Kumar M
Praveen Kumar M on 3 Jul 2019
Thanks Jeremy for the clarification. I suppose that I can proceed forward with combined error model as suggested.

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