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Generate reusable HDL code for Atomic Subsystems does not work properly

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Alla am 27 Jun. 2019
Beantwortet: Sreejith Menon am 10 Jul. 2019
Using identical atomic subsysetems to generate less files and resuable HDL code works sometimes and does not work other times, I am probably missing something,but I check for data types and just reuse the same subsystem by copy/pasting it, and it still works at times and does not at others.
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Alla am 3 Jul. 2019
Any advice on this? I've been trying for a while now and still can't find a consistent method of generating less files for atomic subsystems.

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Sreejith Menon
Sreejith Menon am 10 Jul. 2019
If so, please follow the same instructions in the other answer.


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