Eliminating matrix row on condition

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I have an m*5 matrix. I am using
if min(abs(matrix(1,:)))==0
To eliminate the first row, if any of the element in the first row is equal to 0.
My questions is, that lets say we have an m*5 matrix. What I want to do is to eliminate the row or rows that has any element inside of it equal to 0. In other words, lets say I have 5*5 matrix. The 2 row has 2 element(2,2) =0, and the 3rd row has 4th (3,4) =0, what I would like to do is that the entire 2nd and 3rd row should be eliminated, as they were having one of the element in their respective row equal to 0.
Please edify for how can I do the same for m no. of rows for to eliminate, any row that has any element=0.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 14 May 2019
A = [1 2 0 ; 3 4 0 ; 5 6 7; 8 9 10]

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