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Triple Summation in Matlab

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Summer am 29 Apr. 2019
Beantwortet: Steven Lord am 30 Apr. 2019
I have the below triple summarion that I need to incorporate into a MATLAB code. Could you please help me with the code of such summation.
triple summation.png
F is some factor that depends on a source i, T is a Penalty that depends on the distance for transporation from a source i to a place j, and a is an amount added from i to j in a time period p.
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 29 Apr. 2019
What release are you using? Certain techniques that may be useful here will only work in recent releases, so before suggesting them I want to check if you're using an older release.
What does size show for the variables F, a, and T? [I'm assuming they're arrays, not functions that you evaluate with the indices. If that's not a valid assumption, that information will be useful to know.]
Summer am 30 Apr. 2019
I'm using recent releases (i.e. 2019). How about going with the assumption of them being arrays first?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 30 Apr. 2019
For the first term if F is a column vector and a is a 3-dimensional array that have compatible sizes just multiply them using array multiplication (as opposed to matrix multiplication.)
F = [1; 2; 3]; % size [3 1] (or [3 1 1] or [3 1 1 1] or ...)
a = reshape(1:60, [3 4 5]); % size [3 4 5]
result = F.*a; % size [3 4 5]
Remember as stated on the first of the pages to which I linked, "Every array in MATLAB has trailing dimensions of size 1." Even though F and a have different numbers of dimensions, the implicit trailing dimensions of F mean that they are compatibly sized.
Now sum result over 'all' its dimensions to add together all the values in the result array. When I did this I got a result of 3700 for the example F and a arrays above.
thesum = sum(result, 'all')
If this is for a homework assignment that states you're not allowed to use sum, you can use for loops to iterate through the elements in F and the rows, columns, and pages of a.


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